MACHINA FAUST (a new documentary by director Kaupo Kruusiauk)

According to director Kaupo Kruusiaugu, he was inspired by the fierce character and independence of Maria Faust.

“I wanted to take a closer look at the price of creative uncompromisingness and a sensitive social nerve,” said Kruusiauk. “How does creativity spring from personal life? In addition, the theme of the film is the different standards presented to men and women and the courage to follow one’s own path.”

The shooting of MACHINA FAUST began in 2020. The birth process of three Maria Faust works has been followed: MARY’S MASS, ORGAN, and MOnuMENT. It was filmed both in Denmark, where Maria has mainly lived for the last 20 years, and in Estonia, where she stayed longer due to the Corona period.

The film will hit theaters on October 20th in Tallinn’s Apollo Kino. 


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