Selected Discography

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Stunt 2018

Maria Faust- alto saxophone/composing
Ned Ferm- tenor saxophone
Jacob Anderskov- piano
Ida Nørholm- cello
Nils Bo Davidsen- double bass
Adam Pultz Melbye- double bass
Recorded by Kåre Kabel at STC Studios in Copenhagen
Mixed by Simon Littauer
Mastered by Morten Bue at Orange Orchid Studio

Cover photos by Toomas Volkmann
Art work by Tuuli Aule





Stunt 2017

Double award winner at Danish Music Awards 2017: The vocal jazz album of the year and The composer(s) of the year.

Danish Critics Associations award- Steppeulven: The Composer(s) of the year

Nominated for Estonian Music Awards and Carl Pris 2018


Kira Skov – lead vocals, songs, and lyrics
Maria Faust – alto saxophone, songs, and arrangements
Tobias Wiklund – trumpet
Meelis Vind – bass clarinet
Ned Ferm – tenor saxophone and backing vocals
Nicolai Munch-Hansen – bass and backing vocals
Sebastian Rochford – drums and percussion
Choir – Silja Uhs, Marie Roos, Annely Leinberg, Raul Mikson, Meelis Hainsoo, and Joosep Sang

Recorded by Mark Howard, assisted by Anton Stvolov
Mixed by Paul Corkett
Mastered by Morten Bue Virtual Reality documentary by Mikkel Keldorf (Khora) Film footage by Tine Reingaard

Press photos by Asger Mortensen
Cover photos by Toomas Volkmann




ILK 2017

Qarin Wikström- voice, effects, keys
Maria Faust – alto saxophone, effects
Katrine Amsler- keys, micro-guitar, programming, electric drums




Maria Faust Sacrum Facere

Danish Music Awards  Jazz 2014:
Composer of the year
Crossover jazz album of the year

Barefoot Records 2014

Kannel: Kristi Mühling (EST)
Piano: Emanuele Maniscalco (IT)
Alto sax/clarinet/voice: Maria Faust (EST)
Clarinet: Francesco Bigoni (IT)
Tenor sax/clarinet: Ned Ferm (USA)
Trumpet: Tobias Wiklund (SE)
Trombone: Mads Hyhne (DK)
Tuba: Daniel Herskedal (NO)


Ears On / Socks Off

Improvised music
Barefoot Records 2013

Various Artists


Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe
Barefoot Records 2013

Reeds: Maria Faust, Lars Greve, Sture Ericson, Henrik Pultz Melbye
Flute / Piccolo: Anna Juuliska Nykvist
Trumpets: Tobias Wiklund, Kasper Tranberg
Trombone: Jens Bang
Tuba: Kristian Tangvik
Electronics / Voice: Qarin Wikström
Double Bass: Adam Pultz Melbye, Niels Bo Davidsen
Guitar: Stephan Sieben
Piano: Morten Pedersen
Drums: Håkon Berre



Pistol #9: Fest På Amager

Barefoot Records 2012

Reeds: Maria Faust
Trombone: Maria Bertel
Omnichord / Voice: Qarin Wikstrøm
Micro Guitar / Electronics: Katrine Amsler
Drums: Michala Østergaard-Nielsen



Maria Faust Group – Warrior Horse
Barefoot Records 2010

Alto Saxophone: Maria Faust
Trumpet: Tobias Wiklund
Tenor Saxophone/Clarinet: Lars Greve
Baritone Saxophone: Tormod Melas Holm
Piano: Morten Pedersen
Guitar: Ask Nørholm
Double Bass: Adam Pultz Melbye
Drums: Håkon Berre



Maria Faust Group – Bitchslap Boogie

Barefoot Records 2008

Alto Saxophone: Maria Faust
Trumpet: Thomas Caudery
Tenor Saxophone: Lars Greve
Baritone Saxophone: Tormod Melas Holm
Piano: Morten Pedersen
Guitar: Markus Pesonen
Double Bass: Adam Pultz Melbye
Drums: Håkon Berre